Save Results onto excel sheet / generate report for each calculation

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HannahFluent posted this 21 August 2019


I am doing a combustion simulation on Fluent. I am running the calculation alot of times for different inlet conditions and heat transfer coefficients . I would like to save the boundary conditions and various results ( mass fraction of CH4 at outlet, outlet T, T profiles if possible ) for each calculation. Is there a way I can generate this data all in one go for each calculation.



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rwoolhou posted this 28 August 2019

Click on the arrow on the "Run Calculation" button: you've resized the window and it's compressed the options. 

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rwoolhou posted this 21 August 2019

Do you want the boundary condition data from the input, or are reports sufficient? For the former there's Solution > Input summary. 

Profiles are available via Physics > Zones > Profiles.   


You could automate with a journal, but you may be quicker doing it manually.  Have a read up on the TUI commands for a journal. 

HannahFluent posted this 21 August 2019

Thank you for this. I am trying to use reports but do not understand where they are saved to. Where can I get information on the basics of reporting and TUI commands ?

rwoolhou posted this 21 August 2019

Reports are saved to screen, disc or images depending on what you use. The Report > Fluxes and Surface integrals will be sent to the text window, and can either be copied over to where ever or written via transcript file (under File > Write or File > Export). 

TUI commands are another (very old) way to use Fluent. Click in the text window and press <Enter>. Type in one of the menu labels that comes up, eg report and press <Enter> twice. Follow the menus to get what you want, and use q to come back up a level. Not the most user friendly part of the interface but very useful for journal creation. 

HannahFluent posted this 22 August 2019





I have created a report file which contains report definitions. I would like to include the thermal conductivity of my solid domain also in this fie , can I do this? . Is there away I can save the file as an excel document ?


I am trying to compare the combustion efficiency/ outlet T for different materials and mass flow rates 

rwoolhou posted this 22 August 2019

Assuming you mean the surface htc, yes, it'll be an area average of the surface.  We can't export directly to Excel (although some of the parameter functions can be transferred using Excel in Workbench so that may work). The older approach is to write xy data line out as text (they read in as space delimited) and the rest via transcript or copy+paste.   It's one of the areas we're actively working on. 

HannahFluent posted this 22 August 2019


The input summery is not an option for me in Fluent. Why can I not do this ?