saving files in a transient simulation

  • Last Post 14 May 2020
atulsingh92 posted this 14 May 2020


I wanted to know the correct way to save files for a transient simulations. I currently do
/file/auto-save/save-data-file-every time-step
/file/auto-save/data-frequency 2500
/file/auto-save/case-frequency each-time

which saves cas and dat file every 2500 steps. But is this a correct way?
I have seen examples, where transient files are saved as cas.gz and dat.gz files instead.

What are those, and is there a difference between the two. (one being better than other perhaps?)

Also, what is the command to save the cdat file for cfd post?

I do the following
/file/transient-export/settings/cfd-post-compatible 2
, but I do not get a cdat file with this.

rwoolhou posted this 14 May 2020

With 2020 you'll save as .cas.h5   which will zip as part of the process. The .gz is for a gzip utility which is an old UNIX file compression tool.  I tend to use autosave from the GUI as it's an easy check at the beginning of a run. 

Check the CFD Post command from the TUI, there's not a filename there so the solver may not know what to write out.