Saving images of animation in Mechanical and Legend units

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jackhero posted this 26 November 2018

I would like to ask in Ansys Workbench Mechanical (v19.0) how can I save the animation as a sequence of separate images? Preferably in high quality jpeg format. I have seen method for saving the animation as a single gif or video file. But I would like to save images at different (or all) time steps each one in a separate image file. Is there any way to do this instead of saving all of the images each one copying and pasting manually? Even in this way I am getting a low quality image.

In addition, in Mechanical, how can I show units on the legend? Suppose if the maximum value if 10 MPa but on the legend I am getting 10 and on top of the legend within some text I am getting the units along with other information. Whereas I would like the legend to show the max value as 10 MPa, not 10 only.

Thank you

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Aniket posted this 26 November 2018

You can not export the animation as a series of images from Mechanical directly. But you should be able to right-click a result and "Create results at all sets" This will automatically insert results for all load steps (note: not all substeps).

Now you can insert a Figure in all the results and increase the graphics resolution as shown in the image below:

Go to Tools>Options>reports and change the graphics Resolution, width and height as per your requirement.

After doing these settings you can click on the "Report Preview" button to automatically generate the report which will contain high-quality images along with Units for all results.

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peteroznewman posted this 26 November 2018


I'm glad I learned from Aniket how to get high-res images created, but I don't usually have a large number of steps in my solution.

What I have done in the past is extract images from the video using another program like the free, open source utility ffmpeg.


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