serial/ parallel computed dynamic mesh

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Mawen posted this 15 January 2019


I am running fluent coupled to a UDF to simulate a multi body system of discreet elements. I found that I can run the case in serial but in parallel it is generally very sensitive to dynamic mesh settings and even crashes after around 200 time steps with negative cell volume error :"Update-Dynamic-Mesh failed. Negative cell volume detected."

2D, laminar flow, NITA scheme fractional step

Has anyone experienced similar problems for parallel dynamic mesh simulations? 




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Kremella posted this 16 January 2019


Have you tried switching off the UDF and run the model in parallel?

Can you provide us with some more details about the model? Please post some images of the same which might help us understand the model better?





seeta gunti posted this 17 January 2019

If you are getting negative volume mesh, your mesh has corrupted because of two reasons. One is higher time step size. By reducing the time step size, you can eliminate the negative volume. Second one, your mesh might be bad already. So re-creating the mesh. Redoing the mesh is quite difficult so try reducing the time step size by one or two orders, it may help you out.

As karthik mentioned, please share some screen shots to understand more.