Showing gas transport through membrane that acts as a barrier

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asaliawidjaja posted this 23 April 2020


I am new to ANSYS fluent and so far I've tried to search the gas transport on the internet, but I only came across combustion mechanism, in which here the methane will react with oxygen, resulting in species formation.

However, I want to show the gas transport of ammonia with the membrane as the barrier, so actually the ammonia will be converted into the gas phase, so the gas phase of ammonia will be absorbed by absorbent on the other side. and the membrane itself will act as a barrier only using the porosity as the channel for gas to pass through.

Is there anyone who can help how to realize this ? or any other similar discussion/tutorial video on this? Thank you!

any suggestions or help will be more than welcome!!

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rwoolhou posted this 23 April 2020

Have a look at the surface reactions. If the membrane stops ammonia how will it be absorbed?

asaliawidjaja posted this 29 April 2020

The membrane does not stop ammonia, but it acts as a barrier between the wastewater side and the absorbent. meanwhile only the ammonia in gas form will pass through and then reacts with absorbent. Do you think it is possible ?