simulate temperature distribution on moving body on ansys apdl?

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apfen42 posted this 5 days ago


I want to simulate the heat generated in a sliding contact by simplifying the problem to a halfspace with velocity vx and a semi-elliptical heat source (where the contact, hence the frictional heating would occur). (i attached a scheme to make it more clear.)

I want to get the temperature distribution that would appear near the surface. 

 I cant get the velocity to make any effects on how the heat is distributed in the body. does anybody know how to do this?


Thanks in advance !!

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peteroznewman posted this 4 days ago


Temperature rise by frictional sliding contact between two bodies can be directly modeled. Here is an example. This could be simpler and more accurate than a semi-elliptical heat source. 

I see you have asked a similar question in another Discussion. I will post a cross link from that back to this for reference, but it might be better to have a single discussion thread.



apfen42 posted this 2 days ago

Thank you!