Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am new to Ansys Student. I recently downloaded the student versions of Ansys Student and Ansys Aim Student from this this page. My interest is in designing and optimizing a switched reluctance motor hopefully in Ansys.

But I am still a little confused as to how exactly am I going to simulate a motor, which for now, I am most interested in plotting the output torque. So far I have learned that simulations can be "linked" or "chained" together in Workbench. I have also learned to use SpaceClaim, so naturally for me the next step is electromagnetic simulation. From my online searches I learned that the closest to my goal is the Magnetostatic simulation feature from the Workbench.

But it seems that it only, obviously, simulates magnetic properties such as flux and maybe attractive force? But I am a lot more interested in graphing the torque output of the machine at different rotor positions. Am I missing something here? Maybe I need to "link" the output of Magnetostatic to Mechanical somehow?

Again, from my online searches most of the results seem to suggest that this is a feature that may already be available with Ansys Maxwell, which from this brochure seems to be absent in the Student products.

So basically, my question is: is simulating a motor, from the input current to output torque as the desired result, possible with the Student products I have? If so, is it in a specific package from Workbench?

Thanks for your time.