simulating Chip Formation of machining in ANSYS Explicit Dynamic

  • Last Post 24 January 2018
rmabd posted this 24 January 2018


Can you please help in how to simulate chip formation in ANSYS Explicit Dynamic

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rmabd posted this 24 January 2018


I want to simulate chip formation of metal cutting in ANSYS explicit Dynamic. I have problem in Analysis Setting to model the chip flow over the tool rake face. Thanks for helping and  providing information or related tutorials.

peteroznewman posted this 24 January 2018

Here is a relevant discussion.

You can use the Attach button that appears next to your posts to upload a Workbench Project Archive file (.wbpz) as long as it is < 120 MB. You can Clear Current Data on the Model or Mesh to reduce the size of the .wbpz file.

Make sure you mention which version of ANSYS you are using (18.2 17.2) and which license (Student or full).