Simulating the working principle of cylindrical heat pipe with wick stracture?

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nagesh56 posted this 28 October 2018


heat pipe is hallow tube with both ends closed and charged with working fluid at optimum fill surface is divided into three sections heater,adiabatic and condensor.heat input is given at heater section(constant temp)and condensor is also maintained at constant temperature.liquid is evaporated at heater section and vapour travells towards condensor section through core section and it is condensed.condensed liquid from bottom is lifted to heater section by capillary action generated by the wick stracture(i.e.copper porous media),which is wrappped around the inner pheriphery of heat pipe . It inludes process like phase change of working fluid (evaporation and condensation)and flow through porous media.Iam using ANSYS fluent to simulate the process. so,please can anyone help me i

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kkanade posted this 29 October 2018


Can you please elaborate on what is exact question. 



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nagesh56 posted this 29 October 2018

it is operated in a vertical position with evaporator section at the top and condenser at the bottom. the wick structure is porous media.half of the tube is filled initially 

kkanade posted this 30 October 2018

Is this same as in following thread?


Chaitanya posted this 5 days ago

sir, will you find the solution to simulate the problem? Please help me

rwoolhou posted this 4 days ago

And don't cross post. 

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