simulation of wave in 2D water tank while changing tension surface

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mounired posted this 11 May 2020

I am trying to simulate a wave of water in 2Drectangular tank using Vof model

I want to see the evolution of the  free surface of water in absence and in the existence of surface tension 

Do I need to write my own UDF Code to change the value of surface Tension

In the picture attached here is the evolution in Matlab I want to do the same thing in Ansys Fluent



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abenhadj posted this 12 May 2020

If surface tension is temperature dependent UDF is not a must.

Best regards, Amine

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mounired posted this 13 May 2020

thank for your response

mounired posted this 13 May 2020

I want to do this equation of surface tension 

Kremella posted this 14 May 2020


Yes, you will need to write a UDF for this.



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mounired posted this 14 May 2020

Thank you Kremella 

Could you give me an example how to write it I have little experience in coding C