Splitting a cylinder surface in two faces axially

  • Last Post 25 May 2020
mdsaifansari posted this 24 May 2020

Hi Everyone,

I want to hold the pressure vessel externally from support running through the circumference. The way one grabs the water bottle from the hand. To do so, I want to split the round face, and I am unable to do so. 

I tried splitting the body, but it is not primarily what I want because it won't be a continuous body at all. 

Please help me as it will be putting a halt on my project. 

peteroznewman posted this 25 May 2020

In SpaceClaim, you can use the Split button and select a Plane and a Face to split that face with that plane to create two faces on one solid.

This is different than using Split Body, which creates two solids.