Static Structual Model will not solve

  • Last Post 24 January 2019
harryygee posted this 24 January 2019


I am currently working on a model for a project and for some reason it seems to just not want to solve it at all? This is not my first go around with this model and for some reason ANSYS just stopped working it seems to me. 

ANSYS Static Structural

After setting up the model (contact, supports, loads, etc.) I go to run solve like I have in the past, and nothing happens... I'm use to the progress box popping up and saying "preparing mathematical model", but that does not even happen? 

However, I do get these green check marks, which after looking up what they mean, I believe that means that it's getting solved in the back ground? (Not exactly sure) I had this happen the multiple times that I've tried to run the model and I've been patient with it and the green lightening strikes end up turning red after some time meaning something failed... However this leads me to my real issue: ANSYS will not tell me what it does not like or what I need to fix to solve the model.

Any ideas as to what's going on? any and all help is apricated!


peteroznewman posted this 24 January 2019

Click on the Solution Information folder under the Solution branch of the Outline to see what is going on. Hopefully, the screen will fill with text.