I am kind of a new user of ANSYS and I am currently trying to model some structural steel elements under fire conditions. I can say that I am having a hard time in doing so.

Theoretically speaking, I'd need to expose a steel body to a ISO-834 fire curve and to a natural fire curve and then apply some loads (keeping in mind that I'll have a hyperstatic element, therefore the thermal expansions will "create" internal stresses).

In the end, I'll compare the results (total deformation, stresses, etc.) obtained from both fire curves.

By now, I changed some of the material properties and made them variable according to the temperature, and as far as I understood, I need to model a transient thermal procedure and then link the geometry and the results to a static structural procedure.

The problems I've encoutered are many. But, for now, I need to know how to insert these fire curves dealing with the time steps (I can't change the total duration of my test from 1s, it is stuck), I'd need, at least, 400 min of total duration of the fire.

ps: I've attached a picture of my problem regarding the duration of the fire.

I'd be very grateful for your help!