Stiffness matrix

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engmost posted this 26 August 2018

Hello everyone I want to find stiffness matrix of a finite element model using ansys. Is it possible?

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rgpatchi posted this 26 August 2018

Hi Engmost, 

Yes, it is possible. 

You can use APDL Math commands (*dmat, *smat for example) to access this. 

Please go through this link in ANSYS Help for further reference.

Also, this blog post might help further. 

Best regards,


engmost posted this 27 August 2018

Thanks rohith I cant access the link you suggested from ansys help. Would you send a pdf file to my mail? Thanks in advance

peteroznewman posted this 27 August 2018


I also can't access the help file using the link. It takes me to the customer portal login.

Students can't get an account on the portal. Fortunately, ANSYS 19.1 Help logs them in somehow.

Here is the URL after starting Help for Workbench 19.1

Here is the URL from your link:

It looks like clicking on your link should work, but it doesn't.

What does work is to RMB on the link and select Copy Link Address, then go to the browser window that activating Help from the ANSYS Workbench 19.1 opened, and paste in the address, then you get to the required page.

This seems to be a common problem, so I posted a separate discussion with the clear instructions.



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rgpatchi posted this 25 September 2018

Hi Peter, 

Thanks for the clarification. 

Best regards,


tm426 posted this 30 August 2019

Hi, I am not sure about that.

Hi, Could you let me know how can I access to ANSYS Online Help?

Best Regards.


peteroznewman posted this 30 August 2019

Here is the link (again).