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learn13 posted this 01 March 2019

Creating an solid that can be manipulated within Design Modeler (preferred) or SpaceClaim is proving difficult with the attached geometry. 

Within SpaceClaim the shrink wrap tool helps to create a seemingly finer geometry but I'm afraid it is creating more facets, which I currently do not know how to turn into a file capable of being used downstream in Fluent meshing, BC's, etc.


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peteroznewman posted this 01 March 2019

If you open the stl file in SpaceClaim, you can RMB on the facet body and convert to solid.

Then in Meshing it will mesh without error.

learn13 posted this 02 March 2019

True, converting it to a solid does allow it to mesh, but the facet faces remain and limit the ability of the mesh to propagate as it would on a 'smooth' surface. From previous attempts, unless an extremely fine mesh was defined, the outer facet triangular faces remained unchanged while the inner geometry followed the mesh size specified.

When meshing, the only way I currently know how to remedy this is by assigning virtual cell regions. The mesh, BC definitions, and Fluent solution worked fine. Although this is a solution, at finer .stl resolutions (unlike the attached) the number of faces one needs to highlight becomes very tedious. 


Are there alternative methods that are more efficient prior to or during the meshing steps?

rwoolhou posted this 05 March 2019

You should be able to remesh the surface in Meshing or Fluent Meshing based on size and this should ignore the facets where they're smooth. The original faceting may still be visible as that's part of the geometry: you'll need a finer stl to avoid these. 

kkanade posted this 06 March 2019

yes, fluent meshing can help you. 

make sure you start with good fine stl

msadaf posted this 4 weeks ago

The video is deleted now.

ANSYS meshing can mesh the geometry, but how can I define Named Selections to be used in Fluent BC. For example a wall BC, which includes maybe thousands of triangles. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

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