Subdivide Mesh

  • Last Post 26 June 2018
Jan96 posted this 25 June 2018


is it possible to subdivide the Mesh of one Side of a square?

Something like cutting one side in two pieces and do different "Edge Sizing" on both?



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Jan96 posted this 26 June 2018

Thank you, Peter.

I'll try it!

peteroznewman posted this 26 June 2018

Hi Jan,

I think what you want to do here is to use DesignModeler to create a New Plane at the red line. You do this by picking the top face and clicking New Plane and in the Details, you can Transform the new plane with a Offset Z dimension to get it near the red line. 

Then you pick that new plane and click on Slice to cut the solid into two bodies. Then select the two bodies in the outline and RMB to select "Form New Part" which puts the two bodies into one Part. Then the mesher will connect the two meshes together, but each body can have its own Body Size control.



Jan96 posted this 25 June 2018

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

Does your explanation also work on a 3D Model?
I would like to split the model like the Red line in the picture. On the upper side the Mesh should be finer than on the lower one.
I think that might be possible with your explanation, right?



raul.raghav posted this 25 June 2018

Jan, a picture always helps in understanding things better. However, assuming you have a 2D square geometry and you want to split one of the edges in such a way that you can provide different edge sizing to them, you can do it in the design modeler by creating a “Face Split”. Refer: Face Split