System Coupling - MAPDL error

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same333 posted this 03 March 2020

Hi, I will be so greatful if someone can help me...

My problem start when I tried a 2-way System coupling with Fluent and Transient structural.

I was modelling a simple wing but I always encountered the next errors attached in the images.


In order to solve it my first try was to follow the ANSYS help Suport and check every single step by itself. I did the Fluid analysis and it worked, later I did the Structual anayisis and it worked, but when I tried the one-way coupling I started the to expirience the same problems.

After trying a lot, I followed the ANSYS tutorial called step by step tutorial for oscillating plate with two way fluid structure interaction but I reached the same errors.

From here I deduce it's a problem with the servers or maybe the license because I already tried 2 laptops, 2 diferent license and changing the setting of license sharing. But in none of them solved the problems...


I will attach the project in wbpz format with Ansys 2019 R3 for if someone can find something or help... 

Thank you in advance!



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kkanade posted this 04 March 2020

As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please insert images using insert image functionality. 

can you please insert zoomed in image of error. 

also this could be license related. so you can post under category of installation and licensing to get better reply. 




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