Tank Filling With Hydrogen gas

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Kobee posted this 03 June 2020

Hello, Anys community,

I need help to simulate a fast filling hydrogen tank problem. I have found some papers published 




I have read these papers but I wanna know if anyone has a tutorial or any guide step by step to help me with an example. 

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abenhadj posted this 03 June 2020

No there is no tutorial which I can share with you. Just describe what you want to do and we try to provide guidance. Do not expect that we will go through the papers you listed.

Best regards, Amine

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Kobee posted this 04 June 2020

Salute Sir,

Thank you for your reply and I really appreciate that. I am somehow new to this software so forgive me if I ask some basic questions. However, I have managed to do the set up for the problem and I will share with you some screenshot of what I have done so far.





A tank containing H2 at P = 1 bar and T = 25 deg. C will be filled with H2 gas with  conditions of P = 50 bar and T = 25 deg. C from a high-pressure line.

The objective is to find the temperature in which the pressure in the tank reaches P = 40 bar

Kobee posted this 04 June 2020

Fluent set up:

the density-based solver and the real gas option was selected. Please advice if this is the best option for this problem.






The temperature and pressure saw a rise but however the results are not reasonable. The pressure just increased to about 2atm whiles the temperature really jumped to 76C. I have run this couple of times and even at almost 100s the pressure didn't increase much and was in the neighborhood of 2atms. The current results are a new trial am running and the pressure and temperature don't look promising.