Temperature field in Nozzle flow simulation

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rumth posted this 05 April 2019


I am simulating oxygen flow in a 3D nozzle using Pressure inlet and pressure outlet boundary conditions. I am getting the mass conservation but energy is not being conserved. I am using ideal gas for density calculation and density solver for compressible flow.

After converging, I am getting Mach number 2.13 and temperature 153K at nozzle exit velocity. I have set 300K total temperature.

I have run the simulation for hydrogen gas using the same operating conditions and temperature goes down to 156K and velocity to 2025m/s. But, Joule-thomson effect describes for Hydrogen and Helium , temperature either remain same or increase.

What could be the reason of it? How Can I correct my system??

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abenhadj posted this 05 April 2019

Ideal Gas EOS cannot sustain Joule Thompson effect. You need to use a real gas EOS.

Best regards, Amine

rumth posted this 08 April 2019

Under the materials density window, there is no options for real gas. So how can I use real gas ?


rwoolhou posted this 08 April 2019

You may need to alter the mixture density & then set the individual species as real gas: some of the combinations will turn off some options.