The issue in the Frictional Heating problem.

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AnPham posted this 11 July 2018

Hi everybody,

I am having a problem in the interactive simulation (Structural-Heat). Looking forward to all the helpers.


Problem: heat generated by friction between 2 bodies

Model: as shown below.

Boundary conditions

Boundary conditions:

- Body 2 slide on body 1 (label B) with coefficient of friction = 0.2

- Lower surface of body 1 is restricted to degrees UX, UY, UZ = 0 (label A)

- Pressure on top surface of body 2: P = 1 MPa (label C)

- Element type used SOLID226 with keyopt(1)=11 -> UX, UY, UZ, TEMP

- Contact element: CONTA174 with keyopt(1)=1 -> UX, UY, UZ, TEMP

- Environmental temperature: 22*C

The resulting temperature is as below.

Temperature result

Problem: The minimum temperature on the structure (21.43*C) is less than the ambient temperature (22*C).

Why is that and How to fix it?

Project in the attachment (ANSYS version 19.0)

Thanks in advance,

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bsista posted this 12 July 2018


I assume that you're using coupled-field elements for this. Thermal analysis may run into thermal under/overshoot issues with second-order elements especially when the element aspect ratios are higher. Try dropping the mid-side nodes and see if that makes a difference.

AnPham posted this 13 July 2018

Hi Bsista,

In this project, I using couple-filed element: SOLID226 with KEYOPT(1)=1 to active the DOFs: UX, UY, UZ and TEMP.

Meshing model with option Element Order = Linear (drop the mid-side nodes)


AnPham posted this 16 July 2018

I think I fixed it.

New results about this problem.

Link youtube: