The issue in the Frictional Heating problem.

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AnPham posted this 11 July 2018

Hi everybody,

I am having a problem in the interactive simulation (Structural-Heat). Looking forward to all the helpers.


Problem: heat generated by friction between 2 bodies

Model: as shown below.

Boundary conditions

Boundary conditions:

- Body 2 slide on body 1 (label B) with coefficient of friction = 0.2

- Lower surface of body 1 is restricted to degrees UX, UY, UZ = 0 (label A)

- Pressure on top surface of body 2: P = 1 MPa (label C)

- Element type used SOLID226 with keyopt(1)=11 -> UX, UY, UZ, TEMP

- Contact element: CONTA174 with keyopt(1)=1 -> UX, UY, UZ, TEMP

- Environmental temperature: 22*C

The resulting temperature is as below.

Temperature result

Problem: The minimum temperature on the structure (21.43*C) is less than the ambient temperature (22*C).

Why is that and How to fix it?

Project in the attachment (ANSYS version 19.0)

Thanks in advance,

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bsista posted this 12 July 2018


I assume that you're using coupled-field elements for this. Thermal analysis may run into thermal under/overshoot issues with second-order elements especially when the element aspect ratios are higher. Try dropping the mid-side nodes and see if that makes a difference.

AnPham posted this 13 July 2018

Hi Bsista,

In this project, I using couple-filed element: SOLID226 with KEYOPT(1)=1 to active the DOFs: UX, UY, UZ and TEMP.

Meshing model with option Element Order = Linear (drop the mid-side nodes)


AnPham posted this 16 July 2018

I think I fixed it.

New results about this problem.

Link youtube: 


Thanh69 posted this 21 July 2019

Hello An. I have a question about this project you did. so if you online, hope you contact me through email this is my pleasure

AnPham posted this 22 July 2019

you can post questions here or send to my email:

dmanpic posted this 6 hours ago

Hello An. Can you please describe how you fixed the problem? Thank you.