Hello all! I am a graduate student using ANSYS Workbench and was referred here for modeling questions. The quick story is that I am modeling current through a single copper loop in HFSS in Workbench. Inside the loop are three steel rings. The current in the loop induces a magnetic field that heats up the steel rings. In Workbench, I connect the Solution cell of HFSS to the Setup cell of a Transient Thermal system block that uses ANSYS Mechanical. In Mechanical, under Imported Load, I import a heat flux and select all faces of the model. Theoretically this should take the heat flux from the HFSS simulation and port it to Mechanical. I then time how long it takes for the rings to reach 220C. The issue is that the simulation is off by nearly a factor of two as it takes nearly double the time compared to my experimental results. I am not sure if this is an issue on my end or if the model is missing something. Any help understanding this discrepancy would be greatly appreciated!