thermal piston

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valirii posted this 30 March 2019

Hi everyone, i have a trouple. I did  2D  assymetric calculation for piston diesel engine. Then i did 3D calcalution to compare results, but they are not equal. Difference between 2D assymetric and 3D is abot 50 Celcius. Can anybode help me to solve my problem? My teachers says that results approximately should be equal.

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AnPham posted this 31 March 2019

general, it's related to your boundary condition and load.

Just provide more information about load and boundary condition between 2 analysis (2D and 3D) and results of 2 cases.

valirii posted this 31 March 2019

In 2D and 3D  i set the same boundary condition.

There are my project, could you look? project