Three Point Bending Test of Honeycomb structure

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I  want to do 3 point bending test on honeycomb structure according to astm c393 but i don't know  how to do it ,

I have made honeycomb structure using surfaces.

The whole structure consists of surfaces.

I don't know whether to do it by making rollers or by without making rollers.

I have to do  Three Point Bending test both static and fatigue.

i need to validate this paper:-

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peteroznewman posted this 29 October 2018

Note: vkumarsingh388 has read this Discussion and needs more help.

I recommend you do everything I said in that discussion, which includes a displacement boundary condition that represents a frictionless "roller" support.

What specifically do you not know how to do?

AchilleasMil posted this 29 October 2018



The best thing you can do is use the symmetry of the sandwich panel as suggested in the other post (1/4th or 1/2 of the probe), then to apply the force as suggested also with a remote force boundary condition choosing the preffered behavior between coupled and deformable while for the supports, what I found closer to reality was just to apply a remote displacement boundary condition on the center/middle line of the (imaginary) support rollers with only the Z Deformation set as zero and all the others free. 


If you want to get more closer to the C393 ASTM rules you could check out giving a remote displacement on the middle top of the sandwich which would change constantly in relevance with the time, with a given velocity as given from the norm. That could be as said the case if you don't want to give a force value of your own.


That's a nice paper really curious how you found it..? Thanks!

Best regards,

Achilleas posted this 30 October 2018

How can i apply force or displacement along a line in middle of face as i have tried to draw a line on face in DM and after transmititng it to Mechanical it just disappear.

Hey AchilleasMil, do you find any tutorial that can help me in this because i have never use remote force or displacement before (I am new to simulation).

BTW i found that paper by searching on google, I have downloaded so many papers on honeycomb and accidently i found this one also.

 Here is the link to zip file of geometry:- Rar posted this 31 October 2018

Hey peter, I have tried to draw the line on face of geometry for applying force on it but it just disappear, do i am forgotting something? Please suggest me, i have watched your video on ANSYS FEA EXAMPLE channel on youtube.