Time step reduction

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Gate9er posted this 10 February 2019


I am running a water/pipe 2d analysis. I have run 12500 out of the 50000 time steps, with a 0.02s time step size. The solution has now conrveged and is fully stable. Jusf wanted to ask if it is possible to continue the analysis but changing the timestep size to 0.05 and reduce the number of time steps to 20000 in order to reduce running time?


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abenhadj posted this 10 February 2019

As long as each time step converged ( check residual, evolution of reports) and you keep track if main unsteady behaviours you can increase time step. Bear in mind thus would decrease the diagonal dominance if matrix.

Best regards, Amine

Gate9er posted this 10 February 2019

What is the diagonal dominance?

abenhadj posted this 11 February 2019

Forget about it as it is only a property of the solution matrix.

Best regards, Amine