Total Thermal and Mechanical Strain

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joepa_2017 posted this 18 January 2019

In Workbench, if a thermal condition and a mechanical load are applied to a part, does plotting the normal strain represent both of these effects? I know that it is possible to plot the thermal strain separately. But, is the thermal strain included in the normal strain plot. 

I know that in APDL, for example, that there is a separate option for plotting the total thermal and mechanical strain. So, in APDL, plotting the strain in the x direction does not automatically include the thermal strain in the x direction. Is this also the case in Workbench?

jpasquerell posted this 21 January 2019

The normal strains in Mechanical do not include any thermal strains.  You can confirm this by using the user defined results (UDR) to see the various EPxx items.  Highlight Solution in the outline after solving then pick Worksheet in the toolbar to access the listing of available user defined results. RMB on a quantity to access the UDR menu.