transient analysis with pre-stress

  • Last Post 31 March 2018
Lenhart posted this 31 March 2018

Hello everyone, 

I want to perform some dynamic analysis of rotating blade. But when I try to do the transient analysis after the static-mechanical analysis under the centrifugal stress field, an error occurs and reminds me that the transient analysis is not allowed. 

Does anyone conduct the analysis in the same area, an agent guide is needed. 

peteroznewman posted this 31 March 2018

Please take a screen snapshot of the error message. For detailed help you could use File, Archive... in Workbench and attach the resulting .wbpz file to your reply.  Please reply with the version of ANSYS you are using (18.2, 19.0).

Here is my pre-stressed, modal superposition, transient analysis. Is this how your are approaching the analysis?

Attached is an ANSYS 19.0 archive if you want to see it in more detail.

I can tell the rotational velocity pre-stress is working since Mode 1 is at 81 Hz and Mode 2 is at 83 Hz. Without the rotor velocity, they would be equal. The transient disturbance is a 100 ms duration, 10 G vertical acceleration.

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