Transient Area Average

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ghazwansa posted this 03 April 2019

Dear Experts,

Let's say I have a simple tube with a fluid inside. The flow is transient. After completing the results, I display them using CFD-Post. 

I would like to plot the average mass-flow-rate vs time for all the time steps I have. I would like to have this for the inlet (which is a simple circle).

I tried to do that by creating an XY chart, but it only allows me to pick a point as the type of location, and you can notice I have an area that I am averaging a property over (circular inlet).

Could you please teach me how to plot property average vs time in a transient analysis?

Thank you

kkanade posted this 03 April 2019

did you export data for all time steps to cfdpost?

in fluent, you need to use file - export - during solution option. 

then open cfdpost and read latest case file. it will read all time steps. 

then in cfd-post you need to select xy transient option in chart. 

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