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hzeyad posted this 2 weeks ago

I'm trying to simulate heat transfer in a pipe buried underground. The water flow is turbulent. I set the process as transient and use k-epsilon with enhanced wall function. I'm trying to view change in temperature over time. Using calculation activities then call register i create a file to save every 10 time steps. When I want to view the results it doesn't give the option of time step

Any idea what is missing?


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rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

Can you have a look in the location you're saving data to, that way we know it's been saved. Are you running inside Workbench?

hzeyad posted this 2 weeks ago

I have a separate file for each time step. How can I get the temperature vs time step in one file. I have 4320 time steps.


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raul.raghav posted this 2 weeks ago

Did you export the results as CFD-Post compatible files? In CFD-Post, you can choose the timestep you want or alternatively select the last timestep FFF-00xx.cdat file and use the timestep selector to view results at different timesteps.


hzeyad posted this 2 weeks ago

yes i have 4320 time steps i chose to save every 10 time steps now i want to plot temperature vs time step for all in one graph how can i get the temperature of all the time steps in one file?


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abenhadj posted this 2 weeks ago

This step should be done as you setup the case where you can define report definition. If you have the data go to CFD-post read the last transient go to Chart select transient Chart and then expression write an expression of volume average of Temperature then apply

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raul.raghav posted this 2 weeks ago

So you need to define a expression for temperature (say, Tmin), and then define the expression as a variable (say, varTmin). Then you can Insert > Chart and follow the screenshots attached below.