Hello, I'm new to ansys. It has not been a month since I learned Ansis. I want to evaluate the effectiveness of a cold water mat using the ansys fluent program. Modeling is that the person in the room is lying on the mat, and cold water flows along the pipe inside the mat.

I would like to see how much more efficiently the human temperature drops depending on the arrangement of the piping in the mat.

I don't know how to apply boundary conditions during setup. The human body is made up of 70 percent water, and how should it be expressed in Ansys?

I tried to calculate by watching various YouTube videos, but it was not good to observe the temperature change inside the person. The cold water circulates in the pipe inside the mat, so the mat will be cold and this is expected to be a change in the body temperature of the person. Can you help me in setting up a boundary condition ?! I think water temperature 283K, and human body temperature 310K.

 Models were modeled by sweeping a pipe through which water flows on a solid mat and symmetry the model in half to observe the temperature change inside the person. Inflation was given to the fluid, and the visibility of the mat was turned off after mashing.