Transient thermal simulation of a rotating tire filled with liquid

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rwath posted this 30 April 2019


Hope all is well.

I'm trying to create a transient thermal model of a liquid filled tire rotating on a flat heated bed.

I have included simplified 2D schematic of my system - see attached image 1.

Simplified 2D illustration of the problem

I'm able to simulate individual component in ANSYS.

For example, thermal simulation using CFD fluent and tire rotation using explicit dynamics module. But having difficulties in including both into a single simulation.

Also, I have an idea to mimic the rotation of tire by manipulating a rotational heat source around the outer periphery of the tire -  attached image 2.

Rotational heat source

First, this won't simulate the mixing of liquid within tire when it rotates and second, I have no idea how to add a rotating heat source around the tire but I'm sure this is doable in ANSYS.

Any line of advice is highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.




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rwoolhou posted this 30 April 2019

Does the fluid temperature effect the shape of the tyre, and how much compression is there at the bottom?  You may be able to model the two separately and then infer effects: much simpler. 

rwath posted this 30 April 2019


We can ignore the change in shape of tire in this instance and compression would create about 10 mm wide footprint.

Could you please let me know more details about the proposed method? 


rwoolhou posted this 30 April 2019

In that case have a look at the reference frame approach in Fluent. Test in 2d as it'll work/fail fairly quickly.