Transient Thermal to Static Structural Issues

  • Last Post 21 April 2020
AeroLopes posted this 19 April 2020

HI all, I am trying to simulate a steel shaft initially having been heated to 850C being submerged in water for 15 minutes. I have created a transient thermal simulation with convection (coefficient 450 W/m^2 and 40C), and have this solve for temperature I then used the results of this to import the body temperature as a thermal load in a static structural system, however its solutions seem to be invalid. For the static structural, all quantities (total deformation, equivalent elastic strain, thermal strain, equivalent stress, and strain energy) all remain 0 for all time steps. I'm wondering why this may be? 

Edit: I think I may have found the source of issue. In static structural, I set the environment temperature to 40C, since that is the temperature of the water the steel is submerged in. However, perhaps this temperature being the same as in the convection causes these solutions of 0?

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Kremella posted this 21 April 2020


Could you please embed the images in your post (instead of adding as attachments)? As Ansys employees, we are not able to download attachments.

Have you verified if your set-up is correct? Could you please use this video as your guide and double-check your simulation set-up?

This video is talking about setting-up a two-way coupling between Fluent and Mechanical. However, the system coupling set-up should be very similar. Could you please use this to just double-check your steps and let us know?

Thank you.