Triangular Infill for a DCB

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Afrah posted this 23 December 2018


I want to create the triangular infill as shown in the picture below: 

 I've followed this video (

up to the part where I've imported a triangle and generated my infill, but it just doesn't turn up as expected.  Specifically, I'm confused about the "thickness" and "length" it asks for. 

I've attached the work I've done so far, any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. 

Some background: I'm attempting to simulate the delamination of a DCB specimen. The actual experiment used a 3D printed specimen shown in the picture above, and I'm trying to match my model as much as possible. 


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kkanade posted this 24 December 2018

can you please insert images? as ansys employee, we can not download attachments. 

you can also check following. 


Afrah posted this 24 December 2018

Yes, here is my geometry ( the triangular surface can also be seen on the top):



Also, like in the video I posted, the z-axis points in the direction I want (bottom to top). The image below shows the preview after I select a thickness of .5mm. 

Here's the finished product, which is wrong, but I don't know how to fix:


kkanade posted this 26 December 2018

its not very clear to me. 

first you have geometry  - a plate and a traingular surface. 

then you are working on facets. 

if i understand it correctly, you can do following. 

use geometry and not facets. 

create pattern of traingular surface. 

pull that traingular surfaces to create holes in the plate.

please check if this helps. 

Afrah posted this 28 December 2018

The following is my geometry, but it is a faceted body. I need to convert it into a solid, but whenever I do that (right click on faceted body, convert to solid, merge faces), the geometry ends up strange. How can I fix this?


Notice how some of the triangles are not cut. I tried using the Pull tool, but it wouldn't work:



peteroznewman posted this 29 December 2018

I used SpaceClaim 19.2 and the Basic fill has the Triangle option.

I opened 19.1 and there is no Triangle option. Can you use 19.2 instead?


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Afrah posted this 29 December 2018

That looks perfect! Yes I'm using 19.1, which is provided by my school. Will I have to delete my current version of ANSYS to download 19.2?


peteroznewman posted this 29 December 2018

You can install 19.2 and keep 19.1.  They will co-exist.  But once you save a file in 19.2, you can't open it in 19.1 again.


peteroznewman posted this 29 December 2018

The statement above is for licenses of the same type: Student or Research or Commercial.  I don't know if you can mix license types on the same computer. In the past you could only have one type of license. At work I have a several releases of ANSYS on a computer getting a commercial license from the license server at work. At home I have several releases of ANSYS Student on a computer. I haven't ever mixed license types.

See if your school can provide 19.2 before you install ANSYS Student from this site.


Afrah posted this 29 December 2018

Thank you so much for your help! I just downloaded ANSYS Student 19.2 and its working fine.