Trying to simulate the magnetic field by a toroid in ansys Aim

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Ashu123 posted this 24 October 2018

Been trying to simulate the magnetic field and the force created by it by a toroid . I am able to create a toroid by creating a PEMag but I dont know a lot about setting up the simulation.How to add current forces ,which mesh to choose etc. I have Ansys ,Ansys electromagnetics Suite.If someone can provide the steps for it specially for ansys aim ,I would be thankful.

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deli posted this 31 October 2018

Hi Ashu123,

When you finished building in PEMag, you can send to Maxwell 2D or 3D by simply clicking on the 2D or 3D icon. And the new generated Maxwell file will have Excitation, Analysis set up and ready to go.


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Ashu123 posted this 04 November 2018

 Thanks for the response ! I reached upto this point however I have trouble setting up the simulation from this point onwards.Do you have a video tutorial of what to do from here ? Setting up the boundaries ,current and voltages etc.I want a simple magnetic force generated by it on a Neodynium Magnet and vice versa

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