tutorial files: Chapter 3 - Solving Combustion simulation for a sector

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mariosmark posted this 18 June 2019


I need the related files for the tutorial in Chapter 3: Combustion simulation for a sector

  • tut_comb_sect.x_t
  • injection-profile
  • Diesel_1comp_35sp_chem.inp
  • Diese_1comp_35sp_therm.dat

Please if any body does have this file can you send me the links or mail me at mm3g18@soton.ac.uk

Thanks in advance

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Kremella posted this 19 June 2019


Are you able to go to ANSYS Help and look for the tutorial files? Please see the screenshots.

If you are not able to get to this, please connect with the ANSYS Support Coordinator (ASC) of your university. He or she can either help you with the request or can formally contact us and we should be able to help out.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


vamshi1471997 posted this 13 March 2020

sir can u send me that file files please sir


Kremella posted this 13 March 2020

Hello Vamshi,

Sorry! As Ansys employees, we are not allowed to share files. Please connect with the ASC for your university and request for these files from that channel. 

Hope this helps.



vamshi1471997 posted this 14 March 2020

okay sir thank you

but please help me how to do mix  two fuels ice cfd 

portflowcold flow/combustion simulation