Tutorials on Erosion Dynamic Mesh Coupling

  • Last Post 31 January 2019
mashimaro_star posted this 31 January 2019

Dear All,

I just learned that Fluent can couple Erosion calculation with Dynamic Mesh to capture the deformation of the wall. Is there more tutorials available? What I can find in the manuals are very brief. I have two questions to ask:

(1) The activation is through DPM, but can the coupling between Erosion and Dynamic Mesh for single phase only?

(2) Any more details about how variables transferred during the coupling? I am thinking to write my own UDF using DPM-EROSION, but I am not sure what variables I need to define or calculate. 

Thank you.  

rwoolhou posted this 31 January 2019

There are some tutorials & solutions being prepared but nothing I can share through here: please check the Customer Portal as something should be posted there. 

Re your own UDF, the example in the documentation replicates the old Fluent model so will give an idea of what's needed. Pretty much you're looking at a function of the particle speed, impact angle and relative hardness/strength of the particle & wall. 

Please also watch for the 2019R1 updates as there's another aspect of the erosion tool that's been exposed for use.