Hello Everyone,

The problem that I want to model is as below (also check the attached file):

imagine that we have to rectangular channels, the first one that I call it Flow channel has a width of 100mm and the other one which I call control channel has 200mm width. Both these channels have a depth of 10 mm. If you consider a Cartesian coordinate system, the flow channel is in the direction of z-axis while the control channel is in the direction of the x-axis. As it is shown in the attached file there is a membrane that separates these two channels from each other. In the Control channel, we only have constant pressure, but in the flow channel, we have a fluid flow with pressure inlet and pressure outlet boundary condition. I want to see what pressure in the control channel the fluid flow in the flow channel will stop. I run the whole system for 1 sec in 10 steps (each time step is 0.1 sec). And both fluid and solid simulations are in transient.

So my questions are as below:

1- since the fluid channel will block, I believe that I should activate "smoothing", "Layering, and "re-meshing" at the same time. Is that Correct (Sorry for this naive question, I have trouble understanding the different meshing approaches in the Fluent)? Should I also activate contact detection since when the membrane bend it will block the flow?

2- In the Dynamic Mesh, I created system coupling for the fluid boundaries that are in contact with the flow channel. Also, I created "Deforming" dynamic meshing for the interior of the fluid, is this correct? or I only need to create the system coupling?

3- When the simulation finishes, I connect the solution cell (row 6 in the transient structure block) to the results cell (row 6 of Fluid Flow (Fluent) block) and update the results. When I check my structure result, I see deformation and attaching of the top wall to bottom wall of the flow channel. However, when I look at the fluid results I do not see any deformation, the fluid pressure and fluid flow along the channel remains constant at all time steps which is obviously incorrect. It seems to me that I cannot transfer the solid deformation to the fluent correctly. How can I solve this?

Thanks again for the help.



P.S. You can find one version of the project below: