Type of Geometry For Heat Exchanger with Deflectors

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elisio posted this 10 July 2019


I am willing to simulate an air heat exchanger with deflectors inside it, as shown in Figure 1 and 2, but i have never simulated something with voids and deviations inside it. All i have done was solid geometries (representing fluids) with shells (at setup).

Aiming to get Air Flow and Heat Exchange at those red tubes.

Figure 1 - COLD Air Inlet and Outlet at void + Deflectors (green)

Figure 2 - HOT Air Inlet and Outlet (many tubes) + Deflectos

Since i have simulated only solid geometries, I'd like to know if i can export this to Workbench and how to setup/select the hollow areas where the air flows? 

Or i should create solid geometry for those airs domains? How to add deflectors (wall) at solid geometry?


All tips, videos, tutorials, etc for self-taught study are welcome.



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rwoolhou posted this 10 July 2019

What do you want to get out of the model? 

elisio posted this 10 July 2019

Aiming to get Air Flow (streamlines, vector, velocity) and Heat Exchange (Contour of Temperature)

elisio posted this 10 July 2019

Something like this i mean 

rwoolhou posted this 11 July 2019

I'd start by building & running a shell side model: this will give you the flow patterns and highlight dead spots in the system. With the Student software you may need to simplify or reduce the model size as you've only got 512k cells and this could become a very big model. 

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elisio posted this 11 July 2019


But as it is Shell, how can i name select the inlet/outlet at the "empty spaces" ?

I've never simulated as shell, always as the video i have shown.


rwoolhou posted this 11 July 2019

Shell-side and tube-side are terms used for HX units. Nothing to do with shells in Mechanical. You need to extract the fluid region of the HX shell-side to model it. 

elisio posted this 11 July 2019

Sorry, i dont know what HX units. Heat exchanger?

By the way, if i have no fluid region how can i select it to setup? I have never done this, is there any video or tutorial for this?

Thank you 

rwoolhou posted this 12 July 2019

HX is heat exchanger. 

If there's no fluid you'll need to create the fluid volume. Assuming you have R19 or 2019R1 or R2  click on help for SpaceClaim and work through the tutorials. Then do the same for Fluent. 

Have a look on YouTube too   

will be a good starting point.