UDF Ansys fluent problem with negative velocity inlet profile

  • Last Post 18 December 2017
helena_mel posted this 12 December 2017


i`m worlking with ansys fluent version 17.2 and simulate a transient velocity profile at the inlet. I have writing a udf with a backflow. It has worked perfectly in August. But now fluent isn`t calculating the negative velocity.

Has anyone the same problem?

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 16 December 2017

An inlet boundary condition as a backflow?! Usually outlet boundary condition supports backflow but I’ve never seen an inlet BC where flow is exitIng rather than entering. Could you please explain your case a little but more.


Raef Kobeissi

José Mantovani posted this 18 December 2017

Like Kobeissi, I've never seen reverse flow in the input, instead of using UDF, try to change the BC or impute the "velocity inlet" into components, and change for a negative velocity.