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Zohreh posted this 17 July 2017

Hello every body!
I'm working on Box girder model. I wanna apply force until it will be broken. The box Girder has 2 arms. forces are applied on arms. But the solution can't converge. I checked everything like materials, mesh size , changed sub steps, load steps and NSF(Normal stiffness factor) and etc but they didn't work. how can i solve it? could you help me?

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pgl posted this 18 July 2017

Sounds like a large deflection buckling simulation? If you are using Workbench then take a look at the product documentation Static Structural Analysis section starting on page 316. In that section review the following:

  • Establish Analysis Settings (page 318) - See the note about Large Deflection 

Also see these important sections

  • Large Deflection (Page 843)
  • Nonlinear Controls (page 860)

If you are old school and using ANSYS M-APDL then lookup the command NLGEOM,ON

Here's some scholarly articles on box girder simulations using ANSYS found on the web: 

Zohreh posted this 19 July 2017

Hello Dear pgl!

Thank you for helping. Yes, It's a large  deflection buckling simulation. I'm using workbench. I don't know where is product documentation. How can I find it?

Thank u...

pgl posted this 20 July 2017

On Windows 10, go to your Windows/Start menu, select "All apps" then "ANSYS 18.0" scroll down the list of ANSYS applications and select  "ANSYS Help 18.0"

ding posted this 09 August 2017

 You can also change the criteria of convergence. If your model is concrete, please try to select displacement criteria of convergence. You can achieve it by using "CNVTOL,u,1,0.001,2"

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