Unable to use ANSYS after latest windows update

  • Last Post 03 December 2017
cd318 posted this 02 December 2017

 Hi all,

I have a terrible problem since last week's latest windows update: when I open CFX, I can not edit geometries or meshes anymore. I get the following errors:

First error after opening a .wbpj

Update failed for the Mesh component in Fluid Flow (CFX).  Unable to get Assembly mesh method. Meshing is busy in another operation.

Error after attempting to edit a Mesh:

Error while waiting for Meshing initialization to complete. Either the application crashed or Workbench lost communication with it.

Error after attempting to open DesignModeler:

The geometry editor was closed abnormally.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled ANSYS 18.2 about 10 times now. I also deleted all the ANSYS-related folders in %appdata% and %temp%. However, the problem persists after a completely clean install using the archive from the site!

What can I do?


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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 03 December 2017

I dont think the problem is with Windows update but rather a corrupted file when you saved workbench.

Raef Kobeissi

cd318 posted this 03 December 2017

Thanks for the answer, but I don't think that's the case - even if I start a completely new project I can't open designmodeler or mesh!