Unable to view VM Stress Distribution

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learn13 posted this 15 May 2018

I have a 3D solid enclosed within a 3D solid, each with respective material properties. After removing the outer solid, the Von Mises stress of the inner solid is one uniform color despite adjusting the legend to the visible geometry.  

This does not occur for other variables (displacement, strain, etc.) or when the material properties are the same for both solids.  How can this be fixed?

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peteroznewman posted this 15 May 2018

Try creating a von mises stress plot but instead of scoping all bodies, select the inner solid body only.

If you drop a probe on the surface, do you get the same uniform value everywhere?

What is the value of stress on the inner solid body?

I was going to say "Check that the inner solid is connected to the outer solid" but then I read that other variables plot properly on the inner solid so that does not seem like the cause of this issue.

Is there an error in the material properties of the inner solid?  Check the units on each material. Maybe one is in psi and another is in Pa.

If none of these suggestions fixes the problem, please create a project archive and attach it to your reply and say which version of ANSYS you are using.

learn13 posted this 23 May 2018

Your first suggestion worked on the example file I created.  The solution also worked on the cell model.

Thank you again!