uniform force in long period of time

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Mehran posted this 23 May 2018

Hi everyone, i want to apply a fix force in 4 hours to one beam,i dont know how to work with  transient structure.would you help me? 

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peteroznewman posted this 23 May 2018

Hi Mehran,

Since you mention 4 hours, this implies that inertial forces are insignficant so you can run this model in a Static Structural system. You only need to use Transient Structural if the accelerations get high enough where the inertia forces on the mass become significant.

You need to create a material with a viscoelastic or viscoplastic behavior to build a model that simulates the creep that occurs when a constant force is applied for a period of time.

Do you have experimental creep data from a material sample?  That is most important.


Mehran posted this 26 May 2018

love you man!  tnx


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Mehran posted this 29 May 2018

hi peter, im working with a pressure vessel that works in specific working cycle:

1) 4 hours takes that its pressure become 0 to 103 Mpa

2) 4 hours holds 103 Mpa 

3) 5 hours takes that its pressure beacome 103 Mpa to 0

i dont know how simulate this in static stractural or other parts

can u help me?

plz explain in simple mode im new with ansys.tnx

peteroznewman posted this 30 May 2018

Answered in this discussion.

peteroznewman posted this 01 June 2018

For anyone interested in Creep, here is a relevant discussion.