Unit System Issue

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lincs2k9 posted this 24 September 2019

Why it always shows "meters" in "Length Unit" option of Ansys Workbench.

I have changed these below options but still there shows "meters" in "Length Unit" option of Ansys Workbench. How I can change it to Millimeters from Meters.


Aniket posted this 24 September 2019


Length Unit  —  The ANSYS Mechanical application automatically sets the length unit in the part or assembly to meters, which is the unit used internally by Parasolid to dimension solid parts. No adjustment of length unit is necessary or possible.


So if you have created geometry in DM, "Length Units" in the geometry Details will always be shown as meters. You can use mm units in the Mechanical though, if you use tonne,mm the solver will use the tonne mm.

Note that the dimension of the model will be the same regardless of units used. i.e. 1000 mm length will automatically be translated to 1 m.