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peteroznewman posted this 28 May 2018

Our site's Search function has its limitations: 

Those search terms on this site get 130 results (as of today) that you have to look at 2 at a time and click on the number ribbon at the bottom to look at the next 2.

Some of the results seem mysteriously irrelevant. The search function uses OR for multiple terms when I want it to AND them.

Don't you wish it was as good as Google at finding what you are looking for?  Well, you can use Google to search this site only, by adding the following string as part of your Google search terms,
In the example below, Google found 4 relevant results.

The main difference is the built-in search is always up-to-date, while it may take time (hours, days?) for the Google spider to crawl this site to index new content.

raul.raghav posted this 29 May 2018

Very good point Peter!!


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