Velocity determination and Flow animation

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Siddharth98 posted this 08 April 2020


I need to calculate the velocity of water at various perforation outlets in a pipe. The image for the same is attached. I also want to animate the water streams coming out of these outlets. One end of pipe is inlet and other end along with perforations serve as outlet. I am done with meshing part using symmetry feature for simplifications.

Please elaborate steps to be followed in Setup, Solution and Results module.

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rwoolhou posted this 08 April 2020

I'd start by clicking the Help button. Then follow the options to the Tutorials and Videos. Watch the latter & do the former.  Assuming it's water into air you'll also want to read the manual on VOF and then work out if you can model what you want within the limits of the Student licence. 

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Siddharth98 posted this 08 April 2020

I have tried using tutorials and obtaining result as shown in figure but can you please explain if there is a way to know velocity magnitudes through each outlets. I can't exactly figure it out from the contour plots.

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kkanade posted this 09 April 2020

To know it for each outlet, you need to have different name for each outlet. If you have single name, please use Domain - separate. 

For checking velocity for each outlet, please go to Results tab. 

Please check help document for further details. 




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