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peteroznewman posted this 07 March 2018

It would be useful if members posting had an easy way to show the version of ANSYS they were using. For example 19.0, 18.2, 18.1, 18.0 or older.

It would also be useful if members posting had an easy way to show the type of license they were using, whether Student or Research.

This information would help to provide relevant replies to the questions posed. This is especially important when members are posting an archive, which can be opened by later versions of ANSYS, but cannot be given back to the original poster unless they were saved with the same version on ANSYS.  Also, if mesh refinements are done, they can be checked against the Student limits if they indicate that is the type of license they have.

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vganore posted this 07 March 2018

Good feedback! This could be addressed by marking "recommended tag" option visible while adding the question. Let me progress this with IT.

Vishal Ganore,

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pgl posted this 07 March 2018

Yes I like this. A recommended set of "tag" that they can select when posting.  

peteroznewman posted this 24 April 2018

I'm bumping this discussion because the more I interact with students, the more I see the need for this enhancement. I am constantly asking students what version are they on. I often try to restore an archive in 18.2 only to be told that it was created in a "future version".  I sometimes upload a version 19.0 archive for a student and they can't restore for the same reason. Quite a bit of wasted time and frustration could be avoided if the site had an easy way to indicate the version for each discussion, or at least for file attachments of the .wbpz file type.