Viscoelastic sandwich plate

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adkh posted this 13 October 2018

Hi, I am recently learning how to analyse harmonic response analysis of viscoelastic sandwich structures, i.e, viscoelastic layer in between two plates but i dont know how to start it in ansys workbench. Can anyone give me some guidance (step by step) or tutorials on this subject, if any. Thanks

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 13 October 2018


  I moved your post to Structural Mechanics category and added a few tags so that it might get more traction.

  w.r.t the tutorials. Please see this post.

  There are numerous discussions in this forum such as this which might help you get started as well.

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peteroznewman posted this 13 October 2018

This discussion talks about different ways to model a sandwich structure.

This issue for viscoelastic materials is they are nonlinear and the harmonic response analysis is limited to linear materials so you will be forced to run simulations in Transient Structural and extract time history data and manually create the harmonic response that is automated in the harmonic response analysis.

Here is discussion one and two on someone doing a Transient Structural simulation because they need nonlinear geometry (Large Deflection).

Please reply with details about the viscoelastic sandwich, the kinds of structures you want to analyze, the range of frequencies you want to study.

adkh posted this 13 October 2018

Thank you so much for your help. Yeah, actually i want to analyze viscoelastic sandwich, in which the face sheets are steel and viscoelastic material, such as neoprene is constrained. The range of frequencies can be any range, because i just want to go through the entire modeling to results steps, i.e,  for understanding how to analyze it in ansys.

adkh posted this 13 October 2018

Thanks Sandeep, i checked it but these don't cover the topic on Viscoelastic sandwich.