VOF to DPM Phase Interaction Model Transition Mechanism Release 2020 R1 Academic Student

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unicrey posted this 12 April 2020

Hello ANSYS Community,

I am new to spray simulation and I was trying to follow the VOF-to-DPM methodology used in this video for a simple 2D single nozzle spray simulation -

Unfortunately, the video describes a setting that I am unable to find in the current Release 2020 R1 Academic version.

At around the 2:03 mark in the video, the video describes setting the 'model transition mechanism' to the 'injection' previously created. In the current release, there is no 'model transition tab' in the 'Phase Interaction' dialog box as such but there is a 'Heat,Mass,Reactions' tab within the 'Phase Interaction' tab of the 'Multiphase Model' dialog box (See attached image). I am assuming this is same as the model transition section earlier. But here when I try to set the mechanism, it does not show the previously created injection. The only options available are - constant-rate, cavitation, evaporation-condensation, user-defined, New Input Parameter.

I have tried using the user-defined option but it shows this error -

Error: No user-defined functions of type udf-type-linearized-mass-transfer have been loaded.

For user-defined mass transfer, linearized mass transfer UDFs are enabled.

If needed, use '/solve/set/expert' in the TUI to switch to non-linearized mass transfer UDFs.


Error Object: #f

I would appreciate any help in understanding this problem better and finding a way to fix it.

I have attached an image of the interface available to me in FLUENT Release 2020 R1 Academic Student.

Thank you.

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unicrey posted this 13 April 2020

Hi, can someone please help me with this?

markover posted this 17 April 2020

Hi, not an expert but from what I've noticed is that you cannot do VOF-to-DPM in 2D for some reason. When in 3D in order to get the tab working you'll need to active discreet phase and create an injection. Only after that will the Mod. Trans'on tab show. 

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unicrey posted this 18 April 2020

Hi @markover, thank you for your comment. This is helpful. It means, I will not be able to use this feature for now. I have moved to doing separate VOF and DPM simulations.

I will keep the post open for a while in case someone wants to add anything to this.

Have a great day!