VOF with Henry's Law

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LukeM posted this 29 November 2018

I would like to use Henry's Law to establish an equilibrium condition between my two phases (gas and liquid). I would also like to use the Volume of Fluid (VOF) method. Fluent does not seem to be capable of using both of those models simultaneously because Henry's Law only works with "the Mixture model or the Eulerian model", according to the "Including Mass Transfer Effects" article in the User's Guide. Is this correct? If so, are my only options to either (1) use a different multiphase model or (2) use UDFs to construct my own model, possibly using the DEFINE_MASS_TRANSFER or the DEFINE_LINEARIZED_MASS_TRANSFER UDFs?

abenhadj posted this 29 November 2018

Yes: Either use UDF (DEFINE_LINEARIZED_MASS_TRANSFER or the other one) or other model (like Mixture model or Eulerian Model).

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